"In order to turn the most trivial of events into an
adventure, you only need to tell it." — J.P. Sartre




Adam Hartfield The Bat!
Lunch with Judith
Alyce Cresap An Encounter with Bambi
Yes, We Have No Covers
The Pageant
A Strange Happening
The Day Eddie Bracken Rescued Me
Ann Borkin Memories of Venice
A Day Full of Symbols
Hanging Out on the Pier
Anne Haycock Ultimate Frisbee in Alabama
Anne H. Toal At the ECHO Hotel
At Heathrow
In England
A Visit from the In-Laws
In New York City
In San Antonio
Pizza for Lunch
A Trip to the Edinburg Wal-Mart
A Few Words about Capers
Shopping in Mexico
Everything's Up-to-Date at the HEB
In New York Again
Anne Tracy At the Falcoln Ridge Folk Festival
Allan Denchfield Ah, Toasty Warm - Finally!
Bayla Singer Special Treatment at Florida Atlantic
Silencing the Rabbi
Bonnie Voigtlander

Legends, Lies, and Local History
A Journey through Scotland
Christmas at the Mall

The Chicken Barn and the Walking Ladies
Glimpses of Thanksgiving Past
Searching for Traces of George Dorr
At Versailles (Kentucky, That Is)
The Gulls of Ocracoke
Rowing for a Medal
On the Canon Brook Trail
Turning Fifty In San Francisco

Brad Grissom Travels with Marcia
A Post-Thanksgiving Outing
A Dialogue on Basketball
The Easter Bunny Brought Beer
Meeting the Kestenbaums
Clyde Voigtlander Observations on Maine
Cats, Guilt Trips, and Rituals
Dan Lester Cyclops and AQ Back East
Update on Cyclops and AQ
Doris Markland Tripping
A Few Thoughts on Re-entry
With Old Friends
Doris Smith A Memorial Service in Austin
In Europe
Golden Earrings
Emily Horning Meeting Mary Leakey
East Meets West in Manhattan
At the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival
Espen Ore In London
Travel in Austria
On My Way to Vienna
Gilbert G. Smith Coming Home from Miami
Conversations at SCMLA
The Truth About Fran
Crime at the Harris Teeter
What Happened to Me with Bayla Baby
What Happened on My Brithday
By the Blue Ridge Parkway
Cadillacs and Diamonds
In the Chicago Marriott Health Club
A Detour in the Route to Clemson
The Truth about Cocteau and Kristeva
My Trip to the Credit Union
On the Road to San Antonio and Back
Going to See Clarence Darrow
On the Way to Nebraska and Back
My Sensitized Earlobes and Above
In Bally's Park Place Casino
Snippets from a Kentucky FTF
In the D. H. Hill Library
In New Orleans
In Texas
In Texas Again
A Words-L Moment at Quail Corners
On the Way Home from the Goat Roast
When I Came Home from Miami Beach
Home From the Midlands
My Most Embarrassing Moment
About Town in Montreal
In Lincoln, Nebraska
Memories of Khyber Pass
Last Weekend around the City
An American Airlines Moment
Vignettes of the Peninsula and Beyond
Why I Am Stressed Today
In the Twin Cities
Last Night at the Berkeley Cafe
On the Way Home from D.C.
At My Yard Sale
Heather Hewitt In California
It's So Nice in Chicago
Changing the Lock
Jinny Jones In Ireland
John M. Williams At Apache Sunrise Arizona
Dead Horse in Bathtub
My Dinner With Petree
In Prescott
Karen Kay In Paris
A Trip to Sebastopol
In San Francisco
Tushar Report, or How I Lost My Virginity
Kenn. C. Miller A Virtual Bonfire
A Sunday Brunch
Larry Clark In New York City
Lawrence Kestenbaum Confession
Lunch at the East Room
On the Road in Kentucky and Other Notes
Marcia B. Franzen The Interview
Travels with Brad
Marie T. Ascher East Meets West in Manhattan
In the Lake District

Marty Rosen A Taste of Chicago
Things about Alabama
Combat with Crabs
Walden Donned
Maureen Jennings
Nighthawks and Diners
Parade of Lights
A Ski Trip with No Snow
Myles Callum Dinner in New York
Erotic Interlude
Next Time Try the Phuket
Living with Chomsky
On the Cyclone
A Fine Party
When My Car Went Missing
Puzzle Time
Bonnie's Week
At the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival
At the Oyster Bar with Rashmi
The G-Man
Neal Traven Weekend in Provdence
Torkel's First FTF
A Gathering in Louisville
Paul Barfoot At Lucy Fest V
Back from Siberia
By Rail to Tomsk
Phyllis C. Petree On Saturday Night
Packing Day
Way Out West
At Salter Path Beach
In the Hurricane
The Torch
Rashmi Murthy Sniffing around London
At Home in Bangalore
What Is It about Houston?
The Face of the Philly Zoo

Rita R. Chapman In New York City
Shoshana Edwards Just Another Day in Heaven
Stephen H. Karlson
A Long Trip to New England
Sylvia Edwards
At Keith’s Memorial
In the Hospital
Noise for a Silent Night
Breaking More of the Silence
Misadventures at Sea

Tony Harminc Airport Rendezvous
Torkel Franzen Some Rambling
Tushar Samant The Great Corkscrew Hunt
My Mother
A Perfect Moment at O'Hare
New York Days
This American Life No. 143