Q. When is the deadline for camping site reservations? What are the names of the places recommended?

A. There are no places recommended. Just this web page, which should tell you everything you need to know:


Camping information for Acadia National Park also is at:


If you want to camp in Acadia, there are two campsites: Black Woods on this side of the island and Seawall on the other side of the island. Black Woods takes reservations starting at some date and fills up quickly especially for the week of July 4th. Seawall Campground does not take reservations but works instead on a first come, first serve basis. It also quickly fills up for the July 4th week. There are numerous campgrounds outside of the Park. They should be listed on the above web page.

Q. Does McDonald’s in Bar Harbor serve Lobster McNuggets?

A. There is no McDonald’s on the island. For that matter, save one small Subway franchise in Bar Harbor, there are no fast-food chains represented on the island. This we see as one of the benefits.

There <are> McDonald’s, as well as most other standard ff chains, on the mainland in places like Ellsworth and Bucksport; McDonald’s in such places usually offer lobster rolls. For the uninitiated, a lobster roll is chunks of lobster, usually in some sort of mild mayonnaise, stuffed into a hot-dog bun. Lobster McNuggets, Zarkon be praised, are unknown at present.

Q. What about the 4th of July parade?

A. The Bar Harbor parade starts and end at the Athletic Field on lower (to the south) Main Street. It marches the length of Mt. Desert and Cottage Streets. A good place for wordslers to gather to watch the parade would be the Internet Cafe/Opera House on Cottage Street about a block up (west) of the intersection with Main Street. There are tables in the windows where one can sit and sip latte while watching the parade pass. 10:30 a.m. would be a good time to shoot for.

Q. What about the 4th of July fireworks?

A. You are on your own for this. Clyde and I have never found a really good place from which to watch the fireworks. They are set off in the bay, near Bar Island and the Town Pier. The crowds will watch from Agamont Park on the waterfront on Main Street. One can watch from the top of Mt. Cadillac. It’s just possible that they would be visible from the Edenbrook Motel. They are not visible from the Voigtlander home. The fireworks are ordinarily set off at 9 p.m. on July 4th. There is almost a 50 percent chance that they will be delayed until July 5th or 6th because of fog.

Q. Where can we eat lobster?

A. You can get a lobster dinner at just about any place except the library, the Catholic Church, and the Voigtlander home. No, we have not joined PETA. But lobster is way too messy and inconvenient to cook for a group. There will be a lobster feed at the Athletic Field starting directly after the Bar Harbor 4th of July parade. One queues to get a freshly cooked lobster, mussels (optional), and corn on the cob. Tables are set up under a tent. The overflow crowd eats on the grass. For slightly more elegant dining, The West Street Cafe is a good place to get an inexpensive complete lobster dinner. The Early Bird Special is usually around $12. French fries and blueberry slump for dessert are included.

Q. Where can we just hang out with other wordslers?

A. The Voigtlander home will be open to wordslers from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on July 4th and again from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on July 5th. Bonnie will be there during those hours to host the folk who don’t want to hike or watch parades or see fireworks or eat lobster. Before 10 a.m. breakfast can be had at numerous places in Bar Harbor. Jordan’s on upper (away from Main) Cottage Street and Cafe This Way across Mt. Desert Street from the Village Green are both recommended. The food is better at Cafe This Way. The atmosphere is very down home at Jordan’s. For after 10 p.m. Geddy’s on Main Street (across from Agamont Park) is recommended. For a slightly less noisy drinking place, The Lompoc Cafe is recommended. Great microbrews. It is located on Rodick Street. Rodick runs for two blocks between the Village Green and Cottage Street. It parallels Main Street about a block to the west.

Q. I like to do an early morning run. Where is a good place for that?

A. Are you sure you are a wordsler? The place to run, which is the nearest to the village of Bar Harbor, is the Witch Hole Pond carriage road loop. It is 3.3 miles long. You leave Bar Harbor by way of West Street, continue up the West Street extension (crossing route 3), until you see the Duck Brook road on your right. Go along that for a bit and you will see some parking spots at the Duck Brook Bridge. Leave the car there. Head across the bridge and you are on the carriage road loop. Firm, fine gravel is the footing. There will be other runners, walkers, and bicyclists. Bicycles can be rented at a number of stores in the village of Bar Harbor.

Q. Is there some way to avoid the car traffic in Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park?

A. Yes, leave your car parked all day on West Street or at your motel and take the free shuttle buses. All the routes begin from the Village Green in Bar Harbor. There is a good map and schedule posted on the south end of the Village Green. The only place the buses do not go is the top of Cadillac. They take you within about a block of the Voigtlander home. Asked to be let off at Forest Street where it intersects with Eagle Lake Road, about a half mile west of the village of Bar Harbor.

Q. Who all are going?

A. Betty and Larry
The Wild family
Love Judith and her Paul
Lisa and what’s-her-name
Heide and Alec

Rita and Ana

[ 2/21/03 ]