Digest No. 11

12/14 - 12/20

The week before Christmas, and the Niteman sends season's greetings to the list. abh gets a head start on year-end summations by issuing a call for Words-L Best/Worst of 1992.

Carolyn's Trivial Pursuit game progresses through seven plays. JMW finds himself at the frontier of issues of personal/professional electronic privacy. Torkel challenges the list with Cajun and Swedish dialectical English.

There is an animated discussion of operating systems and user interfaces. Adam Hartfield, the List Honey (or, if you prefer, the more dignified List Historian) checks in from a guest account in New Jersey. Karen and Natalie both receive official-looking letters from the Treasurer of Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes and begin to talk about bankrolling the List Cruise.

A disquisition on square corners and round objects in refrigerators is mere prelude to a Sunday ho-ho-ho event at Natalie's house. (Mama Primate is in attendance.)

Respectfully submitted,

BIBLIOGRAPHICAL NOTE: The latest issue of -Laboratory Primate Newsletter- (ed. Judith Schrier) contains an original poem by Kenneth T. Wolman and a field note on Bangalore hotel monkeys by Tushar Samant. The latter made its first appearance in these <pages>.