Digest No. 12

12/21/92 - 1/3/93

A not unexpected snappishness creeps onto the List over Yuletide, until, on New Year's Eve, stately poems from the keyboards of Ken, Torkel, and Natalie set the tone for 1993. Deep beliefs are explored, in some depth.

Carolyn B. accelerates the pace of the Trivial Pursuit game; Susan K. sweeps four categories before drawing an Aussie question.

Sticking by his principles, Torkel turns dirty rice into plain rice for Swedish readers of James Lee Burke. Michael M. makes a Mele Kalikimaka gift of the word 'amphiboly'. A C-SPAN image of Peter M. appears in ftp space at msstate.

On the road: Steve K. to Cheeseland; Marty R. to the Upper Pen.; Karen K. (traveling with black-eyed peas) to LA; abh (armed with same) to Graham's messy London flat, which opens, we learn, with a mortice key; Natalie and judith to New Orleans, which city is thence proposed as a spring convocation site; brad to ancestral acres in Tupelo and Amory, MS.

New posters get lost in the hubbub, but among them are Anjani (Centers for Disease Control?), Lee "The Whole 9 Yards" Bradley (Valdosta State), and Frizzy the Fribble (t-shirtless at Rachel, U.K.).

Respectfully submitted,