Digest No. 13

1/4 - 1/10/93

As Round 3 of Trivial Pursuit nears, Ausbrook takes a commanding lead, although it's sheer wiftiness on his part that lets him place the world's deepest land gorge in Nepal.

Anne Diffily reports in from the final weeks of maternal leave. Anne Harwell's adventures and misadventures in MOE are collected in ftp space even as she begins to recover from her long monument-fondling, spectacle-smashing, ankle-wrenching holiday.

Thirteenth Night party at Joan B.'s in Boston -- boy, those East Coast Words-Lers* love to eat! But so do The Three K's at Emily's place in LA (Karsten picking the avocados out of his salad).

Blomberg at the Smithsonian doing research. Dan in Salt Lake for eye surgery. (Son Andy keeps the list updated.) Peter M. and his tigress Depraved May in a gif. Rita and Nico tie the knot! Why does Rita detest new poster Gerard van der Leun so? Why is this Ed Margerum from Salem, Mass. taunting Graham? Who _is_ Moe Howard? Does he smoke cherry cigars?

Respectfully submitted,

*INCOMPLETE ROSTER/MENU: Joan, judith (salmoncakes), //anne// (spaghetti sauce), Rita L. (chocolate-chip cookies), Rita R., Don Thornton and Mary Shepard, RobyMeister and Paul, Elaine B.