Digest No. 14

1/11 - 1/17/93

Among the several recipes in transit to Jenna for electronic compilation is Evelyn's saliva-stimulating Mom's Potato Candy. Gilbert's WWTBLOOW-LWD enters the W-LIHOF.

Bob Howren (UNC) exits left, complaining there is no discussion here of the English language; did he somehow miss the thrashing out of "Sometimes self-respect requires that you float one down the middle, letter high, big as a balloon, and let the batter have his way"?

Tushar's masterly pastiche "What Happened at O'Hare" causes general swooning.

The Czarina begins married life severed from her job and stranded in Newark en route to Spain, but manages to maintain her poise.

The double croning of Natalie Maynor and Kay Moffett is firmly scheduled for 19 March, somewhere in the Southland.

New posters include Nathan Rose (Harvard) and Edward Vielmetti (Msen Inc.) on the etymology of 'guff'; Lynda Hester Farabee (Levelland, TX) explaining Amarillo, Hub of the Panhandle; Mike Godwin, Cliff Figallo, Mitch Kapor, and Chris Davis (all of Cyberspace) responding to concerns about EFF.

Respectfully submitted,