Digest No. 15

1/18 - 1/24/93

The Clintoncy begins, and blomberg is our on-site reporter for what he terms "America's reunion." (Rashmi and Anjani are also there for some events.) Wordslers evaluate the various performers and pick at Angelou's inaugural poem.

Tushar pays doubly ironic tribute to Natalie by compiling her Greatest Quotes; he also publicly confesses to a grave affliction and starts a therapeutic program to acquire a sense of humo(u)r.

abh designs a new t-shirt and infiltrates Project-H.

A slew of one-shot new posters: Mark M. Woodward (Vanderbilt), Colin Johnson and Michael Kwun (U. Michigan), Jeff Kellem (Beyond Dreams), Arvid Sponberg (Valpo), the mysterious wwcem114 @sivm (Graham Toal Emergency Self-Absorption System), the lovely lass Sue Vanderlul.

Several Wordslers are on sabbatical or in semi-retirement: Steve, Marty, Neal, Peter (weekend access only); even Gilbert is somewhat subdued.

Words: 'impetrate', 'shark' (fish named for the person?), 'take the Kings shilling', 'coprolite', 'ampallang' (and other piercings), 'Asians and Indians'.

Best pun of the week is from the long absent Chris Schmidt: "Can't you just let bhagwans be bhagwans?"

Respectfully submitted,