Digest No. 16

1/25 - 1/31/93

Peter Montgomery's mildly amusing "I'm orf(f). See you Thurs. eve" brings out the paronomastical worst in the postership.

The "Cloudy Skies over Portland" discussion foreshadows a summer schism, with electronic missiles lobbed between a list cohort in spartan dorm rooms at Reed College and the Jacuzzi-freshened secessionists in Nag's Head, NC. Carol Carmick surfaces to contain the damage.

Blomberg's true identity is revealed: former Presidential speechwriter Peggy Noonan.

Gilbert Psmith posts, and rita @ world.std.com, and Lisa Alfieri, in her last semester at URI. (Where you been, gal?) Ontario's Peter Renzland recalls eating dates in Mexico during the blizzard of '78.

A discussion of figures of speech summons several Usenetters to the table: Ralph Betza (SSINY), Dan Prener (Watson. IBM!), Jo Ann Malina (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center), and Ellen Keyne Seebacher (University of Chicago), who points the way to a probably indispensable book by Arthur Quinn.

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