Digest No. 17

2/1 - 2/7/93

A humdrum week, but the frontier is advanced nevertheless; witness this partial list of terms covered: burglary vs theft, dramaturgy, nascence, view halloo vs tallyho, hoplophilia, adoxography, victory garden, lit vs pre-lit, plethysmography, acrolect, bhrama/brahma, /hju:st@n/.

Torkel and Karsten get into a kerfuffle over the Fifth Generation Computer Project; Peter joins in the fray with arguments about orthodoxy in general. An attempt to start a chapter of the Sisters of Larry Niteman founders. Wolman, Kessler, and Sark are admitted into the Am Lit canon. Dan Lester turns 50 and raises his head slightly from the carpet. (Good mending, Dan!)

The thread "Fashion questions" hosts digressions as varied as color-blindness, Eskimo perceptions of snow, Whorf's livelihood, linguistic credentialism, and whether or not to iron cotton underpants.

A testimonial dinner for Adam Hartfield is held in Providence.

Among the new posters, Columbus "What's the H for?" Posey (Registrar at Ole Miss) wins handily in the best-name category. Gilbert Smith is ominously silent until the eleventh hour of the Words-L week.

Respectfully submitted,
"Hot cornbread or nothing!"