Digest No. 18

2/8 - 2/14/93

Hit-or-miss access part of the week and the long weekend outage effectively silence The Gig, but he'll be back. ("Life is a dime novel.")

There is a retrospective of Ernest Dowson and Bob Dylan lyrics. (Who *is* The Idiot Wind, Dave?)

Judith explains about Paul, her favorite mandocellist. Lenny Abbey returns to ask about 'jack'; Carol Carmick is also back. Dan regrets not being among the 'hush of librarians' on the list. Rita goes to work at One Kendall Square, not that far from where Hyde Park abuts Kensington Gardens.

There is talk of East African predation and blue bananas, starched petticoats and whimsey veils. Nancy lets it be known that "this belle doesn't toal." Don't Call Me Harwell gets a wild hair up her ass in Edinburg's Walmart superstore. If //anne// can remember the one and only German heavyweight boxing champion, the Trivial Pursuit game is over.

Respectfully submitted,

"Don't follow leaders. Watch the parking meters."