Digest No. 19

2/15 - 2/21/93

The Words-L week gets off to a delayed start due to new-software implementation. Gilbert farts loud and proud, in the manner of Benjamin Franklin, but Tushar holds back even the meekest until late in the week, when he lets loose with a thundergust of singing crepitations.

Torkel's final Burkean inquiries lead to an extended discussion of the placement and manipulation of automobile windows and the relative merits of various model years. (Only 'number fourteen renegade' remains unrevealed.) The metaphors 'office building' (for 'privy') and 'highpockets' (for 'cleavage') receive attention, as do the labels on toilet doors in Spanish-speaking America, /k&n:br@/, and the square root of evil. A question from contemporary Syracuse about the military use of mirrors in ancient Syracuse cannot be answered -- lost in the fog of war.

Northeast Missouri State downsizes and cuts Karen's job (the 3rd list layoff), but Karen has a year's paid leave to consider her options.

Carol offers as the first salmonbake agenda item the transvestitical floor show at The Embers in Portland.

Amid all the list poetry, Sark's "Dogs Are Miracles with Paws" (posted by Theresa Wild) may be the most moving.

Respectfully submitted,

-- Shirley Traven 1917-1993 Requiescat in pace --