Digest No. 20

2/22 - 2/28/93

Lisa has Fair winds...and Following seas to her Dad's Navy retirement ceremony in Virginia.

Everybody gangs up on Ruth, who holds her ground against all assaults.

Blomberg unsubs in anger to get on with unmediated life.

Karen flies out of snow-chastened Kirksville to revisit her past and future. Gilbert makes a hardship trip to New Orleans. Carol has the Trivial Pursuit board all to herself before leaving for D.C.

Coming out of the woodwork are Joe P. (El Paso C.C.), Default Trumpet User (National Chen-Kung University), Chitose I. Little (Miss. State), NIK (the lout from Loughborough, to use gt's phrase), and Sergey Smirnov (deep in Russia), who introduces with his "o'kay" the Novochebosarsk apostrophe.

Most dreaded subject line of the week: "Attn. LBG Xns" (second place: "On Tipping the Waitpersons").

Words to ponder: 'heautontimorumenos' (PM) and 'raphaildoro' (maya).

Respectfully submitted,

"Life is like a bad night in a good inn."