Digest No. 21

3/1 - 3/7/93

Tutor Samant coaches this reporter in the fundamentals of e-mail; as a result, brad tentatively deletes a few postings, unread.

Peter and Torkel go at it again, this time on John XXIII's papal style and the tastelessness of public crucifixion. Rita L. and Gilbert patiently explain the appeal of Lladro porcelain figurines from Spain.

JMW and others carefully delineate the armament and mentality of the opposing sides in the Waco standoff. It turns out that even world-class terrorists do not take refundable deposits lightly.

abh confesses to being wacky and silly, but, as Ry Cooder says, "That's the way the girls are from Texas." (Anne also provides stunning new gifs of Natalie and Judith/Paul.)

Walter Felscher from Tuebingen inquires about the word 'ignoramus'; Graham isolates its first use in the 15th-century encounter of Native Americans and Latinos.

Natalie buys a Honda del Sol, her first smoke-free car. Stephanie Mandell posts send-only from Amsterdam; Ruth the Nethead surrenders her access. Betty Z. has a FTF with Dan and Gail in Ogden, UT (on their way to the last ophthalmic surgery). Ausbrook gets verbed. For the irredeemably jaded, Carol promises a tour of Portland's Teeth in the Sidewalk.

Respectfully submitted,