Digest No. 22

3/8 - 3/14/93

A savage bit of winter intrudes upon spring break in the eastern US, but even a major snowstorm can not stay Words-L couriers from having their say about rocket scientists, tanukis, collective memory, bumper stickers in Latin, Aussie elections, limpa bread, and the man in the moon. The quality of discourse is so good that Peter can not bring himself to set nomail for the week.

Gilbert withdraws from active participation in order to paint gossamer-clad angels. Tushar shows himself a not entirely un- sentimental subscriber when he reposts large chunks of the two-year-old Virupaksha letters. (Next thing you know, he'll be responding to Bernard's postings.)

Doris moves up to 486-based OS/2, only to have abh inform that she should have waited for the NT interface (story of my life, too, Doris). Gerald offers Brad a job at Ole Miss, but backs away after thinking it over. Jenna begins the countdown to her coastal transcription.

Newcomer Bill Hutchison (Softswitch, Inc., Wayne, PA) has a "Prescriptivist Dream" about the usage of 'hopefully' which reopens the issue of sentence modifiers; the ensuing discussion brings into question the very foundations of grammatical science.

Other new posters are Travencore Neelakantha (U. Pittsburgh), Smita Krishnamurthi (Central Washington U.), Herwig Rollett (Graz Technical U.), and Asad Naveed (King Faisal U.), who are all treated right kindly, thank you ma'am (although Graham does say something insulting to Asad in French).

Where the hell is Marty Rosen, who promised us vignettes from life aboard The California Zephyr?

Respectfully submitted,

UPDATES: Chris Schmidt has replaced Jeff Kell as co-owner of Words-L. W-LWD will be down next week for vernal maintenance (Komm, holder Lenz!) unless a substitute reporter can be persuaded to volunteer.