Digest No. 24

3/22 -3/28/93

John Gubert begins a short leave of absence as some AWOL veterans return to the fold: Ken (listing poets and punning), Bayla (on infantile articulation), Marty (the rules of the game).

The parrot genus Polytelis is described -- serious, nonserious, you can never tell. There is an elusive thread about Grandma's lye soap.

Bill Hutchison says so long, but not without a nasty Parthian shot about the place of Wordslers sub specie aeternitatis. The Gang of Ten responds in fury, of course, and it takes the patient clinician Dr. G to soothe and explain.

Carol reports an ominous earthquake (5.7 was it?) in Portland; implications for the salmonbake are unknown at this time.

abh continues to have strange dreams, of oatmeal and curled bologna, thundering aeroplanes, Mont Blanc rollerballs, and letters sent without postage.

No Nonsense Samant redoubles his efforts to make this list a less stupid place; his nifty coinage 'wordslarity' has all the charm of a gentle whiplash.

Best I remember, there were no new posters this week. (Evelyn suggests that we have finally been found out.)

Natalie's request to name some good novels to teach literature to nonmajors produces a featureless but suggestive canon.

Respectfully submitted,
Brother brad

Ky 103 Wake Forest 69
Ky 106 Florida State 81

"It is a matter of a place called the neighborhood of flawless, and how many times Kentucky can visit it." (Chuck Culpepper, 3/26/93) Walking to New Orleans....