Digest No. 25

3/29 - 4/4/93

Brad carefully licks the edge of the SuperWog's scimitar and carries on:

Brad reads with joy the promises of forthcoming accounts of the FTFs of Rashmi/ggs in the Philadelphia Hilton and Natalie/GWW on the Auburn (AL) plains. Brad sets nomail for a few days to sit in a northern Kentucky hotel room and admire the Cincinnati skyline; he also audits a speech by one of the leading lights of librarianship who exhorts the faithful to USE THE NET! (No problem, d00d.)

Brad returns to the list and talk of spotted dick, McDonald's fajitas, Iron Butterfly phonology, trailer-park trash, Lithuanian submarine commander Marko Ramius, and corn goddesses.

Brad impatiently awaits the decoding of "NH3CO2U235 and a pinch of salt."

Brad begins a list of Peter's $10 words and advanced puns, starting with 'catachresis' and 'abraxious'.

Brad joins in the general envy of Bill Sjostrom's spring vacation in Prague and other European capitals.

Brad ponders the deeper meaning of abh's receiving the photo of Ken without postage.

Brad does not fail to note the debuts of Judy Hudson (already among the fortunate at Casa Primata dinner parties) and Ira Goldstein. Amn't life grand?

Bradfully submitted,

Michigan 81 Kentucky 78 (OT) :'(