Digest No. 26

4/5 - 4/11/93

Lisa A. gets plenty of help on topics for her Presidential leadership paper. Natalie has to mess with quotidian things like failed washing machines as she assembles her summer Far East itinerary. Gilbert beats his breast a bit over being elected faculty senator at NCSU. Torkel plugs Stockholm as '94 bake site. (This is getting to be like the Olympics, for Chrissakes.)

Is a 'spanner' the same thing as a 'wrench'? What would a bi-dialectical grease monkey say? Hung Min-Hsiung (Taiwan) asks for eleven-dollar bills; Marcia Smith (Alabama) inquires about classic chicken-finger sauce; Cally Perry (ATT) pronounces 'forte', 'dour', and 'debacle'.

There is an almost amazing interlude Fri pm/Sat am <>: JMW posts a moving account of a bad night in Prescott, AZ and how lladros rescued him; Bayla, Tushar (gosh, the stash in that jasmine rice bag must be good shit!), Karen, Rashmi, and others engage in meta-discourse about electronic personae; and somewhere in the middle of all that Theresa reveals how to duplicate the White Castle slider effect at home. Look this up in the archives if you want to understand what Words-L is all about -- this Bosnia-Herzegovina of lists, this not-even-Compton-CA, this Kashmir, this Herpes, this Hotel California of lists ... this Words-L.

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