Digest No. 28

4/19 - 4/25/93

Akio begins the week with an inquiry about fancy forenames in English.

A new gif: JMW on the beach -- a cowboy hat obscures the famous pate, as a beard does his facial features, but the shapely legs and feet are fastened upon by his admirers.

Dan is back with reports from Potatoland, and is slated soon to lose his cyclops status. Anne Diffily turns up, having sniffed out The Party(tm).

The Waco outcome is much discussed, but just as much passion is stirred by the line editor/screen editor debate initiated by Natalie's complaints about VM. Tony has the definitive word on 'exa', 'peta', etc. and 'may' vs 'might'.

Paul's troupe is not going to Tomsk this summer after all, which may free him for Portland.

Graham has an interview in The City, but accepts a job in hometown Edinburgh, a development prefigured in a Carolyn Baird dream.

New poster Charlie Silver (@selu) explores the synonymy of 'kiss-up' and starts a thread on 'homogeneous' vs 'homogenous'.

Tushar begins a game to name all the French words in the dictionary, then follows up with all the Tamil, Marathi, and Gujarati words.

Unresolved at week's end is the meaning of 'adynata' in the sentence, "A Janus word is a one-word adynata."

Respectfully submitted,