Digest No. 29

4/26 - 5/2/93

Andrew Reutov (rag@compex.e-burg.su), seeking grammatical help, wanders in upon a fascinating discussion of feminine hygiene and leg shaving; his plea "Don't drop me all at once" could be a universal e-mailer's prayer.

Graham begins to piece together, from various net sources, the Truth about Waco. Carolyn has a somber ANZAC day, spurred to reflection by Ken's and Neal's descriptions of the Vietnam War Memorial. Karen is feted with a Mayday party and receives a ceramic teaball as a memento of Kirksville. Jenna FTFs with Tushar in Chicago (O'Hare again). Gilbert mourns the passing of Jim Valvano, and experiences mailer problems that diminish his contributions to list life.

Momentum for The Party(tm) continues to build: among the committed this week are Tony, Adam, //anne//, Rita and Ray L.

Australian cinema. The W-L Sound Archive Project. At sixes and sevens. 'Stemwinder', 'family jewels', 'Bristol cream', 'on the nose', 'cash on the barrelhead', 'not worth a tinker's damn', 'May baskets'. A. J. Janschewitz, disclaiming any responsibility for Cher's butt.

Respectfully submitted,