Digest No. 30

5/3 - 5/9/93

Carol calls the roll of the Portland bound; if the Salmonbake can't match the prospective numbers of The Party(tm), it yet promises to be a significant gathering of Words-L notables.

Dominant threads this week are Evelyn's "Most Important Inventions of the 20th Century" and Gilbert's "Is It the Lido I See...." (casting for the W-L movie).

Graham promises to let the Nice Guy inside himself out, but gets preoccupied with moving. Maya joins the unemployed. Ausbrook adds the initials LL.B. after his name and thanks the list for spiritual succor. Karen heads west with her worldly goods in a rented truck (along the Santa Fe Trail?), leaving Words-L set mail and unattended for a week (!).

Carolyn speaks knowingly and concretely of man/woman relationships, and the talk turns inevitably to love, but once again the lexicon tries, stutters, and fails. The lexicon is noncommittal about what you call a brood of jellyfish (is it a smuck, smuth, smack, or fluther?) and plain mute on what it means when a stock exchange is said to be "well and truly ramped."

John Gubert resurfaces, without great fanfare, from his new homebase in the heart of New Orleans. President-to-be Merrill gives a foretaste of how he will attack Major League Baseball's problems.

New posters: Phyllis T. Shaw (Univ. of Arkansas) on names for cats, and Emir Tuna (I think I wrote that down correctly) asking about the proper role of the schools.

This week's gif is a triptych of Natalie and Gilbert in more innocent times.

Respectfully submitted,