Digest No. 31

5/10 - 5/16/93

Hard week to get a handle on. I won't mention the gerbils.

Bayla leads a meandering discussion on women and technology. Jim's Duplicate Paper Dilemma gets aired out. Doris (whose namesake was a wet nurse) reluctantly starts a thread on How You Got Your Name, and you've never seen such a parade: long-dead uncles, twice-removed cousins, the ghost of Gen. A. S. Johnston.

Ausbrook (who earned his J.D., not Ll.B) uses the trusty old argument-from-the-bedchamber to turn the Polish verb 'odlac' into 'olac'.

KMK bypasses Phoenix. Rita R. confesses to having a girlfriend. The Porcine Icon turns on an Intel phone rep. Natalie departs in toy car for Providence. Maya turns out to be a David.

Tushar makes a headliner appearance with some happy nonsense about male/female word distribution. S. Hopkins Karlson prepares to let a good fart and trail a scented track. Recidivist newbie Richh has a previously unreported FTF with Rashmi.

Emily's inquiry about Stony Brook reveals deeply held prejudices against eastern Long Island. The Budman has a baby. Karsten leverages minds. Daniel Walker (Univ. of Tennessee) posts on the Hogg family, Carol Sharp (NASA) on ferris wheels, Ed Epping (Williams College) on heteronyms, while former police officer A.J. Janschewitz and Arkansan P. J. Shaw already sound like Words-L veterans.

Respectfully submitted,