Digest No. 32

5/17 - 5/23/93

All the talk of love and marriage this week is mere foreplay for the Friday-night Happening (and its attendant revelation) at Elaine and Grant's house in Providence. Here is the main event as reported by Contributing Editor Dave Pretty (formerly Blomberg Cepeda):

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Highlights: Natalie greeting Ausbrook with "Haai, Ah'm Rita" and having him fall for it. The Dish (tm). The Fudge (tm). Jenna's Homemade Chocolate-Covered Strawberries. Jenna in green. Judith, radiant. / The Bride, the Groom, and the Ringbearer, all in teal. Elaine, forever in search of the mythical Karen&karsten somewhere in the mythical South Attleboro. Don, lost somewhere near a pizza place. La belle Haycock, and all the other far-more-charming-than-I-had-imagined Listmaedchen. Neal, floral and occasionally elvin. Karsten, who does a marvelous impression of a choirboy earnestly discussing female ejaculation. Who else was there? RICHH, but he was monopolized by those far more charming and fetching than I. Rashmi, who *is*, by the way, charming and fetching. Rita L., with Ray. Theresa W., with das Kind. Lisa, liberated. Joan and Don R. and a couple of Pauls and the Merrills and the Cajun Couple and Katey (who I never did talk to). And, of course, Grant--of whom I still think "Canadian Leo" is the best description. There were phone calls from Carol and Carolyn and John-what's-the-M-for and Elwood and Dan. Everyone else who wasn't there was mercilessly dished. And I would yet again like to express my deepest apologies to the most dazzling of all the dazzlers, Karen, whom I unforgivingly deprived of the Dish by forcing her to be charming and wise to me. And I daren't ever neglect an encomium for Ann Mandi's cheesecake, which is truly one of this state's greatest possessions. the ex-blomster


Respectfully submitted,

Happy belated birthday, Carolyn! (Did you ever figure out what an Illywhacker is?)