Digest No. 33

5/24 - 5/30/93

Jeez, I didn't take any notes this week. I do have a 3x5 card in my pocket that has some words on it: 'lanai', 'zorch', 'in clink', 'water buffalo' , 'Gewuerztraminer', 'Wartenberg pinwheel', etc.; but this is not a good gauge of the Words-L week.

There were lots of after-Party(tm) reports, I remember, including Neal's canonical two-parter and Jenna's Rhode Island valedictory.

Akio did a rare non-Gleanings posting about his reaction to the verdict in the trial of the Louisiana slayer of the Japanese exchange student, and that got some mileage. So did the business about Call Waiting, Voicemail, and Camp On.

Melissa Appleby unlurked. Marilyn Garber showed up, guardedly. Carol was dubbed "The List Voice."

From the sidelines, Marty Rosen (remember him?) challenged Ausbrook about the primacy of the Constitution, but this turned out to be a mere skirmish. (One of the things I love about this list, by the way, is the way one's understanding of such fundamental things is forever being called into question.)

Gilbert Smith posted only once or twice; incredible. Anne Harwell's Fluffy Sam may become a list personality; hasn't posted in his own voice yet like Bernard Chien, but give him time.

Not much of a digest. Someone else want to take over?

Respectfully submitted,