Digest No. 34

5/31 - 6/6/93

It's official: Graham Toal and Anne Burton Harwell are engaged to be married. The ceremony is at least a year away and may include some skydiving.

The rest of the week here in Jurassic Park is something of a blur: Doris pens a 40-line sentence, pays the electric bill, and prepares for grandmotherhood. Tushar drops tantalizing hints that he has finally got a life. Gilbert heads out for San Antone. The thread about Interview Etiquette (ejh has one at Stony Brook) divides the list along strong-thank-you-note and weak-thank-you-note lines.

Natalie and the other linguists talk about syntactic trees and other over-my-head stuff. JMW, Mka, and Marty get right nasty with one another over constitutional law. (What the hell, it's just one big happy family.) Neal FTFs with Bayla at PIA. Richh gets Graham's goat.

My favorite word of the week is 'uxorious'.

New posters include Bill Edwards (Columbus College, GA), Susan Finkelstein (SIAM), and Sharon Goodman (East Anglia). Norman Hill (UNCG) returns. The Salmonbake looms.

Respectfully submitted,

DOCUMENTS: John M. Williams's composition "I'm an Old Scotsman on the Rio Grande" has been added to ftp space.