Digest No. 35

6/7 - 6/13/93

It's a roiling screaming boil down in the mosh pits as the Words-l carnosaurs go after one another, but late-Cretaceous equilibrium is restored by middle of the week. (Carol's cayenne toddies help one endure it all, and, let's face it, there's a fascination in this flesh-ripping stuff, no matter how large-hearted you are.)

Bill Sjostrom gives notice that he is returning to the list fulltime. Torkel makes a guest appearance in a repost -- something about Poincare's rat. Jenna is now resident in Stumptown, but is recovering from catbites. (Serves her right for the Tushar ruse.)

Bayla and Karen have an interesting discussion about literacy in Japan. Carolyn celebrates the Queen's Birthday amid possums, bandicoots, and other phalangers. Anne H. gulps at having to become a News Top, has an offlist spat with the other half of the Wonder Couple, and parries an unexpected attack from a huh-faced, why-mouthed Richard West (Dallas) over her use of 'San Antone'.

The other new poster is Scott Knitter (Michigan State) responding to the discussion of 'online' and its variants.

Natalie's capsule review of -Jurassic Park-: "Not as good as -Unknown Island- (1948)." Don't know about that judgment, but she's darn right that "summer school sux." Lang lebe Craig Shergold!

Oh, almost forgot: Elwood P., in his favorite summer minidress (cotton) and Groucho Marx glasses, stares down the reaper again.

Respectfully submitted,