Digest No. 36

6/14 - 6/20/93

JMW's clever subject line "Okra-homa" grows up, moves out, procreates, divorces, remarries, and generally dominates the Words-L week (probably not over yet). It starts out with Karsten trying to make Karen's supper okra less slimy, and ends with Carolyn scouring Newcastle for cornbread ingredients. Along the way, it opens wide enough to embrace (and this list is by no means exhaustive): ladies fingers, gumbo, ublik (cornstarch-and-water paste), surstromming (fermented Baltic herring), kim-chee, lutfisk, kippers on toast (and other breakfast oddities), grits/groats, mush/polenta/kasha, masa harina, Bisquick and Cool Whip, vegemite/marmite, spoonbread, peppers/capsicums, choko/chayote/alligator pears, chips/crisps/ scollops/salt potatoes/potato gems, the undefined "Texas Pete," and even humble ketchup.

For a moment or two, kudzu threatens to take over the discussion. (Don Moore offers a lifetime supply from the Pasco Jungles.) Tushar and Dan find a common space, as long as there is bagels and lox.

Two new posters, both on the food theme: Ron Grimes (Geo. Wash. U.) wondering how the fish-with-milk warnings apply to chowderheads, and Don Simmons (Sugar Land, TX) offering up Blue Bell ice cream for dessert.

In other news: Gilbert returns to top form, despite real-life interference, with WHTMIT1-4. The newest Wordsler, Benjamin James Smith (b. 6/14/93), makes his presence known. Ellwood commits mail fraud, but it's a victimless crime and there are extenuating circumstances.

The Salmonslam is two weeks away: at least fourteen subscribers will gather in Portland 4th of July, with spousal units and groupies more than doubling that number. (Bayla and Joan, make your travel plans *now*.)

Akio-san returns, restoring Gleanings to its Monday morning slot with a tripartite flourish.

A beach-party gif of K+K is mounted, but it's so technologically advanced that I can't view it. (Did anyone succeed?)

Respectfully submitted,
Brad Grissom
Colostomy, KY