Digest No. 37

6/21 - 6/27/93

'Tis a week in which mathematics publishers stop their presses, and fire rains from the Baghdad skies again. Of words, there is Japanese 'natto' (fermented soybeans; KMK says stay away from it); the Urwort 'barbacoa'; Tony's 'prepend' (from the discussion on telephone country codes); 'putting the screws to the fans' (a clash of idioms from the TicketMaster discussion); and several strine items from the exchange about Australian diction. (Oh, yes, Michael Everson from Dublin, Irlearn crossposts a sample of Scots Gaelic.)

Carolyn's recipe index finally arrives. Gilbert finishes up his latest Texas travel narrative just in time to depart on a 2200-mile mystery trip in the Miata. Emily is offered the job at Stony Brook. Fluffy Sam gets altered. Dan is raising hell in the Internet Room in New Orleans. Natalie packs for Portland, and sunnier climes. Carol has a bad dream about dragons and salmon and press releases. (She'll feel better *next* Monday.) Torkel weeds his library.

Free trade, Disney-perverted Poohs, suspendered gentlemen dispensing ice cream in train stations, choice Slavic swearwords, and George, Washington, among other topics.

A bunch of new posters this week: Aaron Babel (Concordia U., Quebec); Saisree P S (DEC, Bombay), who joins the in crowd who can make benzene-ring jokes; Shawn Bishop (Berkeley); Kenneth Palmertree (PEACHNET; nice acronym!); Mirielle "Mick" Langenbach (Durham, UK) on the Dutch royal family and "Rad van fortuin"; Dario Besseghini (U. Pisa), who comments knowledgeably about the folkways here after just wetting his feet a bit.

Respectfully submitted,
brad (Portland bound)

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