Digest No. 39

7/5 - 7/11/93

There is much post-Salmonbake exuberance and after-(croquet)battle reporting. Among the 15 subscribers and 8 hangers-on who attended, someone can surely be found to attest that, yes, there are Teeth in the Sidewalk, a 24 Hour Church of Elvis, and a Wankers Corner in Portland, Oregon. Elwood, thinking he might lose Elwood by attending, discovers, rather, new dimensions to Elwood. He uses Big Iron power to keep Carol loosely attached to Words-L as her Beav connection becomes yet another piece of flattened fauna on the Internet highway.

"Sweltering heat" is a major thread, introduced by the returning Matthew Beams of Richmond, VA, who has softened his signature to "prescriptivist and proud! (usually)".

Grandparenting is another big theme, and--not unrelated--high chairs and sewing machines and list demographics. (Carolyn, are you keeping up with all these announced birth anniversaries? My 45th is this Friday, by the way.) Commonwealth vs USA pronunciations. Italian proverbs. Ailurophilia (Licky-the-Cat, Muffy's mishap, Jasper Scarface and family). Miata mortality rates. Vegemite and its relatives. (This thread will *never* die.)

Some of the big guns are silent: Mka studies for the bar exam, abh is moving her department to a new building, Karen and Karsten haven't been heard from since the Bake*, and Natalie.... well, Natalie is somewhere in southeast Asia, managing only a final post from the Jurassic dorm at Reed College and three call-ins from Hong Kong Polytechnic.

I noted these new posters this week: Vittorio Zecca (IBM, Italy), Shriram Krishnamurthi (Rice U.), and Thomas Stuart (SUNY-Buffalo?).

Respectfully submitted,

*Finally, word from them seconds before midnite P.S. to Joan (sweltering in VA and MA): Remember what Carol says, from her weather station at the confluence of the Columbia and the Willamette: "It's not the heat, it's the Eumenides."