Digest No. 40

7/12 - 7/18/93

A slow week on the list, plus the long weekend outage.

I am here to say that this birthday idea of Carolyn's pays large dividends.

Gilbert sinks into a slough of despond. Natalie posts twice from Singapore, while her deputies maintain the list in her absence. abh not only sees the Promised Land, but gets to occupy it. Rashmi takes her parents (visiting from Bangalore?) to Fallingwater, PA. Dan and Gail get grandparented.

Mystery cards from Honolulu arrive in some mailboxes. (Open the seal, people: it's a game, see?)

The List Beauty rents a place in Stony Brook.

New posters include Chris Vanema (U. Arkansas); Ishmael Williams (MPR); SeNeC (UFL); and Mats Onnestam (A Swede in Rome).

These lines seemed, at one point, worthy of writing down: "WELL hath no fury like a woman scorned" (JMW). "Once we start ignoring numbers, we will discover that all of us have small quotas" (TS).

Respectfully submitted,