Digest No. 41

7/19 - 7/25

Heh, heh, I managed to be more inattentive than usual this week, but did note the unholy juxtaposition Gilbert Gottfried/Gottlob Frege. Many other resonant names, from Muhibbi Sosoumi to Baron Magnus Maximilian von Schutz-Cormack. The naming of cats. McMillan => Macmillan.

Frank Young posing as Geo Allen Cate at UMd (the only new poster this week?).

Ken W. drops by, with a new account and a new job.

Natalie posts from Akio's office and from various airports thereafter. (Ain't it great to have her back?)

Emily begins a latitude-defying cross-country trip, stopping over in Mesa, AZ to visit JMW, barely beyond his latest burglary and ready to renegotiate the social contract.

Entropy Publishing posts a long explanation of the Maui pog (=passionfruit/orange/guava) milk-cap phenomenon.

Theresa builds a foundation and asks whether she has a basement or a cellar.

Joe Pendygraft returns to calumniate Chicagoans.

Stochastic communities. The distinctions among raw, sterilized, pasteurized, and homogenized varieties of milk. 'Thingamaboobs', not yet in the standard lexical tools.

Respectfully submitted,

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST DEPARTMENT: Tushar's Conjecture: Homo sapiens will evolve the capability to kick cats into geostationary orbit. Evelyn's Counter-Conjecture: Carpenter ants will inherit the earth before that happens.