Digest No. 42

7/26 - 8/1/93

This week's stops on Emily's Road Trip read like a surreal train timetable: Tucumcari - Fayetteville - De Kalb - Chicago - Lexington - Sadieville - Akron - Pittsburgh - Bear Run - State College - and all points east.

Travel -- accomplished or projected -- is much on display: Carol takes off for Hells Canyon. Joan is at the Gamba Conclave in LA and has dinner and silent movies with K&K. Frank is back from the wilds of central NY. Rashmi (off to Maine) has time to swap fresh memories of Cape May, NJ with Matthew. Natalie polishes the paper she will deliver at the B.C. conference. Gib plans a trip to Lincoln, NE to see his newborn grandson. Mats begins a holiday (Rome or Sweden?).

Others dream of $500 round-trip air fares from CONUS to Australia. The hazards of the road are illustrated by Don M.'s motorhome engine and Emily's tires. Me, I guess I'll just stay here and go to Vacation Bible School (can't afford that Beer Camp out in Troutdale, OR).

New posters include Chris Huffman (VMI) and Roy Jaques (ESA, Netherlands). Welcome to the jungle, guys; please obey our laws!

Tushar defends the integrity of his poems; Chris S. posts an answer poem to "Wild Surmise". Bilabial and labiodental fricatives. Folding vs wadding toilet paper. Potter's Field (cf Matthew 27:3-10 and Jeremiah, passim).

Respectfully submitted,