Digest No. 43

8/2 - 8/8/93

Summer school may suck, but it also ... concludes :). Of summer vacations we have only Judith's report of auto travel as far west as Albany, and Dario's signoff for a week (after setting us straight on cephalopods, crustaceans, and 'it's a dog's penis's life').

ChesterBear reports in for Elwood, and Woodrow gets paper-trained by Gilbert. There is a crusade to gif-enable Matthew (still fruitless at week's end). Apple apparently turns some kind of corner in handwriting recognition with its Newton NotePad.

Neal's request for sport/utility vehicle recommendations elicits strong feelings among 4wd enthusiasts: some models are designed with candy-ass pantywaists in mind, and should be avoided at all costs.

Don sketches some of the tragedies in his life and asks for understanding; Judith points out that at least he is myiasis-free. The instability of characters between systems in the electronic environment is explored. As Words-L snailmail flies around, international postal rates are compared and evaluated. Among many cross-cultural notes, the quaint custom of continuous flushing in the ladies' rooms of Japan is noted.

Linda McPhee (Netherlands) posts about the octopus salad in a Roman McD's, and the other new posters -- all writing about analyze vs analyse -- are really cross-posters from alt.usage.english. (They're doing able-baker- charlie over there too.) Furthermore, it is my opinion that Carthage must be destroyed.

Respectfully submitted,