Digest No. 44

8/9 - 8/15/93

Only the Big Skies over the Rio Grande Valley, the central Washington mountains, and the Arizona mesas offer views of the Perseid meteor shower (though //anne// does see her first shooting star from a Boston area golf course). Attention to the night skies also allows the list aircraft spotters (abh, neal, jmw) to show their stuff.

Carolyn reconfigures her domestic arrangements. A.J. gets national radio exposure in his role as Paugusset tax collector. Carol returns from the rapids, and Elwood is back with harrowing "Big Bother" stories.

Jarheads vs squids. The Frisian language. Mt. Rainier memories: ah, yes!

New posters: Vladimir Romanovsky (the former Soviet Union) and Marie Tomlinson (Drexel U.).

New gifs: John Gubert's Egyptian Mau Instant Replay, and the Akio Tanaka family.

There will be two weeks without Gleanings, so here is my mini-pseudo- Gleanings:
1) anustubh (Dario)
2) focaccia (Carol)
3) tyvek (Carol)
4) HEU (Steph)

Respectfully submitted, brad