Digest No. 45

8/16 - 8/22

Lots of references to <gasp!> the end of summer and the start of the new academic year by those who measure their lives this way.

The limits of punning and other forms of word-play are discussed, attracting new poster Arch Voris (IU). 'transition' as a verb -- aesthetics vs utility. Socio- fugal behavior in trains, libraries, urinals, etc. What happens when you hold a guinea pig by its tail, or manage to kiss your elbow? Where is Amy Carter (spotted in Prague a couple of weeks ago)? Why can't the Gripen stay airborne? Who is Bernhard Grzimek? Is the Gap khaki campaign an RSS fundamentalist plot? These and other explorations are "interesting but grotesque," says Frank Young.

Steph and Pat buy a condo in the Lijnbaansgracht. The Travens drive a 5-speed 4Runner out of the first dealership they visit. ggs is a month without cigarettes, while Torkel is back on them after eight smoke-free years. John Gubert receives premature birthday wishes, so here's a belated one: "Congratulations on your 50 years. Use them wisely."

Respectfully submitted,