Digest No. 47

8/30 - 9/5/93 (Labor Day Edition)

There has been no mention of vegemite for several weeks now. The rabbit teeth question is answered, and Admiral Wilson is nailed down. abh chicken-fries steak for the guys in Amsterdam, has a heart-to-heart with Mrs. Toal, explores the flithier precincts of NYC, and returns to Edinburg.

Ausbrook has left Bloomington but is not yet in Warszawa. P. W. "MacPhil" Paxton makes a couple of guest appearances, as does Adam Hartfield. Theresa celebrates a birthday. (When are these anniversaries going to be made publicly available?)

The only new poster is a certain "Doc," looking over Marie's shoulder to explain couch dancing. Oh, and Markus Iturriaga (East Tennessee Lard Advisory Council), late Sunday. Carol offers to bear richh's children, but I don't think she's serious.

Respectfully submitted,
Zur Erinnerung an Sieglinde (1974-1993)

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