Digest No. 48

9/6 - 9/12/93

Emily spends the weekend with Rashmi in The City of Brotherly Love and also f2fs with richh (trying out his Bulwer-Lytton entries on the list this week).

abh's narrative WHTM-Heathrow draws responses from posters about customs/immigration practices worldwide. Gilbert's Vignettes of the (Iberian) Peninsula and Beyond stays mainly on the plain in Spain. There are vivid descriptions of the public transit system in Bombay. Mats elucidates his ESRIN, Roy his ESTEC, and other subscribers contribute brief job abstracts and dissertation summaries.

PigRoast '94 is shaping up nicely, thank you.

Markus Iturriaga y Woelfel goes on sabbatical before being compelled to parse his name.

The care and feeding of tarantulas (in particular, Don's Arbussey). Eminent domain/expropriation/takings/easement. Tins vs cans, carefully distinguished by new poster John Wexler (@festival.ed.ac.uk); also, the biscuits/scones/cookies/cakes family. Other things too. (Best solution of the 'data' problem: Never use the word as subject of a sentence!)

Respectfully submitted,
brad (your friendly simulacrum)

FTP NEWS. A greatly augmented snail.mail file is now available, as well as the new birthdays file (arranged by month and day!). A glance at the latter reminds one that today is Gilbert's 56th.