Digest No. 5

11/2 - 11/8

The week begins memorably with involuntary Karen/Karsten revelations. Akio sets in motion a discussion of the word "fvcc"; Carol gives the most deft exploration of its nuances.

The election results provoke both jubilations and jeremiads. The prize for most accurate numerical prediction of the outcome, as well as the award for Best Name in a New Poster, goes to blomberg cepeda.

Travel memoirs: abh's WHTMINYC (in seven parts), rita's WHTCINYC (three parts), and neal's (perversely titled) Long Weekend (three parts); interwoven with these is a thread about why we bother to live in cities at all.

mgarber makes a surprise posting from Akio's machine in Tokyo. mKa disappears completely into the contemplation of the Law. Jim B. returns from honeymooning in Cajun Country with Helen. Bill M. is outed as an Opry fan.

As the week ends, an argument about tolerance and bigotry re religion and sexual orientation is heating up to bonfire proportions.

Respectfully submitted,

"Vae, vi veri veni versum vinum vici."