Digest No. 50

9/20 - 9/26/93

It's Name That Tune Week on Words-l, everything from Romper Room and campfire songs to chewing-gum-on-the-bedpost and the hokey-pokey. Dalig underhallning, if you ask me. I kept waiting for abh to post some heavy-metal lyrics, but she musta been suffering from the Subway Sickness again. Yes, unfortunately, tushar does recap the lyrics of "99 Bottles of Beer," but in that perverse poetic way of his, he makes it "999 Bottles of Beer." (Those were *long* bus trips on the Indian subcontinent.)

Miss Jenna checks in, Lord be praised, and that logolept Peter Montgomery appears to be back fulltime. Chris Schmidt renews his Words-L warranty.

New posters include Drew U. slanguist R. Chapman and "Wolf" Huijsen of the U. of Utrecht ("drop a dead donkey").

Words: 'on the off chance'; 'pizzle-sprung'; 'auxiliary' vs 'ancillary'; 'consensual' vs 'consentual'; the classification of expressions like 'trail derained' and 'drain retailed'.

Respectfully submitted,

FTP NEWS. Michael Macmillan's original design for a possible new t-shirt is available from ra.msstate.edu as goatroast.gif. Check it out! (Remember to set file-type binary)