Digest No. 52

10/4 - 10/10/93

This is the last of my hebdomadal reports, so I'm feeling kinda mellow. (Look for an orderly succession in this space next week.)

Natalie invokes the divine-rights clause of the Words-L Bylaws and orders 42 royal-blue t-shirts. (I spoke for enough units to profit handsomely from the secondary market that's already developing.) She promises a multicolor version eventually, but is cagily noncommittal about when that will happen. She invites further coloristic discussion.

You know, there's lots of talk around here about Old Farts, but fresh voices are always being raised. Who can say with any certainty whether among this week's new posters there is not the next Ronin or Entropy Warrior:

  • Alex Osintseff (Udmurt State U., Izhevsk, Russia) He asks the imponderable question, "What is Tushar at all?"
  • Cathy Quick (Mizzou) OK, she merely sent a conference announcement, but she was *thinking* about us.
  • Marc Moshman (International Monetary Fund) I liked this guy: he voted on t-shirt colors without the foggiest idea what was going on.
  • Jean Pouliot (LMIG) Chimed in on infectious diseases and other topics; looks like (s)he may stay the course.
  • Mark R. Rauschkolb (Miss. State) Doing groundbreaking work on shots and shotglasses.
  • Tatiana Boldyreva (also at Udmurt State) Raised the girlfriend/ boyfriend topic, which brought in the following folks:
    • Vance Maverick (Berkeley)
    • Scott I. Chase
    • John Tomas (TENET, El Paso) "the villageidiot"
    • Sean Burke (Cal State, Northridge)
    • Catherine Ann Moore (Virginia)

    Ah, life is indeed a parade, not a portrait.... (JMW)

    Respectfully submitted,

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