Digest No. 6

11/9 - 11/15

Ruth/Graham debate on Biblical teaching and tolerance of difference ends agreeably enough, even if there is some afterburn. Jim T. offers as a coda the proposition that conflict like this is to be preferred over "pseudo-civility" because it allows us to penetrate to one another's inner core.

Carolyn scolds Tushar, List ___, for deficiencies in the human-relations arena; ts, meanwhile, switches from math to computer science. Mama judith and blomberg do lunch, more than once. The Ausbrook returns. Gilbert yawns. Natalie journeys to a professional meeting in Knoxville Town to give a speech she may or may not have prepared in advance. Jeeves is unmasked as the father of Bertie Wooster.

New posters: Llewellyn, Prince of Pitt segways in; followed by bekka, also a student at Pitt; Charles Cochran @ uga (who demonstrates mastery of the use of angle brackets in his first post); and Kip Shaw or "Kish" from SMSVMA (?).

Respectfully submitted,