Digest No. 7

11/16 - 11/22

Old subjects revisited: refrigerator egg slots, headless chickens (Welcome back, Elwood!), looping midgies, chaining morphans. As Updike says in his newest book, "At some point history becomes like topography: there is no *why* to it, only a *here* and a *there*." We are treated to poesy, old and new: W. T. McGonagall's "Tay Bridge Disaster"; [authorship uncertain] "Waka waka bang splat"; C. M. Rosen's trope, "As suddenly as a window shatters my mind was as still as a mouse in a trap"; S. H. Karlson's quintains in faithful Burma-Shave style; and -- this truly "a salmon steak among croquettes" -- Professor Smith's "Tercets for Triplets." New posters: Diki Gust and Beck the Wreck, What think they of all this dreck? Peter Renz: and Wing-Keong, Can they really last that long? (This just in: List Event at The Primate House: Sunday-evening potluck with blomberg as the centerpiece)

Respectfully submitted,