Digest No. 8

11/23 - 11/29

Thanksgiving week in the US, and list traffic slows to a dribble, but the range of topics is impressive: acrophobia, palsy, Feleki's instrument, business cards, Chomsky's politics, homonymity, the 1942 Cocoanut Grove disaster, the language of arsehood.

A FTF in Manhattan Beach, CA (Emily, Karen, Karsten) and one in Louisville, KY (Marty, Neal, Brad, and various associates).

Carol Carmick drops in to say hello. Jill Werts returns with a new .com account. Macphil resurfaces as Phil Paxton, with new credentials /a (or /c) a Prentice Hall subsidiary.

New posters include bob (moo cow) hyland at St. Louis U (?); r mcdonell at UCSD; Gerald Walton at Ole Miss (17-10 winners over Miss. State Saturday); and Peter Montgomery of Camosun College, arguing the quality-of-life advantages of Victoria, B.C.

Respectfully submitted,