Digest No. 9

11/30 - 12/6

Once Natalie logs on punctually at 5:15 CST on Monday morning, the list returns to normal volume; in fact, that evening, from 5 until midnight, there is an explosion of ca 150 messages, with torkel, tushar, and abh providing most of the pyrologic display.

Gerald Walton continues his graceful debut, despite adversity; by week's end, his thread on fountain pens is still going strong.

The innocent subject line "Anniversaries (2" (remembering the Moscone/Milk murders) becomes a juggernaut, with Robt McDonell holding forth -- not without challenge -- on euroamerikan racism.

Dan Lester recovers from eye surgery. A beleaguered Alec Plotkin reports in from the retail world. Brad Baxter receives kudos for his clever nom-de-terminal, * Alt-Brad *. Ausbrook reveals at last the meaning of "K" in his private language.

Best wordplay of the week (somewhat degraded by other puns fore and aft): Q: What does geology teach us? A: "Schist happens, more or loess."

Respectfully submitted,