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Subject: Architecting a Digest-For Myles
Date sent: Fri, 15 May 1998 23:10:21 -0700
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NOT EXACTLY A DIGEST AT ALL. Week of May 10, 1998 TS# 75,000

1. I just don't like the word. John doesn't like it. Clyde doesn't like
it. Sylvia doesn't like it. And I think I recall that Jim doesn't like it.
I'm sorta wondering why you're on my case alone. -- Alyce Cresap

2. Topics of the week

Smoke and haze
addendum re: Salinger
set to digest
4 X 4s, was smoke and haze
Handyman to Poet
Hometown Paper
The Sunday Puzzle
Ooops. Calling Alyce;Alyce Come in Please
Keep Being Not Interesting
Bernard is fine
Back to verbing verbage
One of Jim's Unacceptable Dates
What a Mother's Day
Puzzle e
Puzzle o
Puzzle u
JMW, Dan Bern
attention florida correspondents
Hi all and my summer travel plans
Ooops, Calling Alyce; Why not Shoshana?
Tooth Fillings
Pic nic
slugfest invitation
Boo's Title
Canadian Customs Seize Books
For Alec
ShoSaun V.1.02
Dental Mysteries
How Rude!
on my way to bed
I'm here
Gotterdammerung a la Seinfeld
New Orleans's T-Shirt
Terminator Gene
WLM Architected on Another List
My dental appointment
Best wishes to all of you
Slugfest T-shirt submissions closed
National Park Visits Revisited
smoke and such
Teeth and the American Way
Addendum (ATTEN: AHT)
Some Beachfest JPEGS and a self-nomination
Dentists again
Digestive tract problems
Say, Girls
Pest Fest shirt
Here ya go, Anne
late mother's day report
Tis a Fabjous Day
t-shirt design:inside joke
Where did it go?
Who is Rodger the Lodger
Larry's Candid Camera
Nuclear Stuff
Schwabs Latest Idiocy
Indian Smoke Signals
Paul Harvey comes through
Smokeyskies!! Yuck
Lunchtime LMS's
Natalie = = What's going on down there?
A joke
to whom it may concern
does no one have a remark to make?
sorry this is so long
Preparing for Betty's birthday
Dan Bern Report
MS Publisher
Why I Admire A-holes
Kensington Masterpiece Plus
The Chairman is gone
cia dummies
Glad I Like Hot Weather
look into the heart of the Schwartzchild
The Demise of Catherine the Great and a word about Blue Eyes

Whew! When did we start changing the headers?? Natalie has returned to
Fort Word so she did add a few while she was setting up her new computer.

Thanks for continuing the Sunday Puzzle, brad. Don't let Torkel bring you

3. Slogans suggested for the back of the t-shirt

Words-l Makes the Brain Happy (aht)

University of Kentucky
1998 NCAA
Men's Basketball Championship
(Division 1) (brad)

Buhmer Sucks -Marty


"I nominate this for t-shirt of the week!"-Ben

WORDS-L-the *other* white meat-JMW

You can't help growing older but you can stay immature forever.
Author Unknown

Three Strikes and you're a Meeber

Take me out to the SlugFest

Beer, Brats, Bats! Go Meebers

Meebers 10 Information Architects 0

Words-l: Phatic Drivel pitched daily (Sylvia)

My parents went to SlugFest and all they bought me was this stupid
bottle of Viagra. (aht)

4. Rules to live and grow by—instead of increase

Always remember that the ass you kick today may be the one you'll
have to kiss tomorrow. Credit JMW.

"Our vegetable love should grow Vaster than empires, and more

Remember:Time tends to blur one's own indiscretions while bringing
those of others into clear relief—Nancy Harwood

Not the truth says The Bork. My own discretions remain of interest
to me long after I've forgotten who else did what with who else

5. Congratulations go out to Ben and Lisa for their new jobs. You go
Meebers! Birthday greetings to Alec, and a new job for Karen, too.

6. Karstenization continues: Verdant, Adam, steph, rashmi?, hope.

Harwell asked: Okay, what does karstenized mean?

karsten: It's like One-Hour Martinizing, only it usually lasts
longer than an hour and there's no Martin involved...

Karen: Longer than an hour?!

7. Truth or consequences: "I've never denied being a sneaky sonuvabitch".
Jim Farrell

8. Ken Miller—Web Potentate, Web Poobah Presumptive, Web Pot, Web Poo,
Boo, Web Poo. Whatever. You the man! The wallpaper man, too.

9. Wordslers at work and play: It's termite swarming season now, too.
Between the Mexican smoke and the Formosan termites, I can barely
find my way around.

Must dash, I'm off to sell a kidney to buy a boat. —Richard

10. The Chairman—What a ride it was! He was always there. The voice of
Frank Sinatra lives on and the teeth of wordslers fall out.

11. Interesting information noted by wordslers:

Espen discovered that "Americans" (the pleural) In Hungarian is

*I* don't have snot. —aht

12. Nice Wordslers of the week—

Yeah, Bookrat: quit talking so goddamn cryptically.

Why can't you just leave me along?

I think I hate you.

TS # 75,000: Number of forest fires started by lightening every year.

Humbly submitted,

Bad Betty