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Welcome to the alternate Words-L Web site. This is a temporary site supporting the electronic mailing list Words-L (words-l@listserv.uga.edu). This site will self-destruct upon completion of the rehabilitation of the permanent Words-L Web site at http://www.words-l.org—or maybe sooner. There is another theory which states that this has already happened. Inasmuch as this is an interim site, one should not expect much in the way of polish, style, completeness, or timeliness.

The Words-L mailing list was created in 1989 to facilitate network discussions related to the English language. Famed on the Internet as a bog of self-reference, it nevertheless still attempts to serve its original purpose, but day-to-day discussions range over many topics and embrace many points of view.

Warning: Newbies may expect a certain amount of rough treatment. It's just business, nothing personal.

Pre-Snowbash 2004

Pre-Snowbash 2004 Picture sent by Jim B: "Here is a picture of the pre-snowbash lunch last Friday at Siam Square. The cast is Helen, Natalie, Terry and Edward, Judith's neighbor Ann, Judith and myself."

Acadiafest 2003 Pictures Are Here