Date:         Sun, 24 Nov 1996 00:09:27 -0600
From: Anne Harwell Toal 
Subject:      STTNG movie
To: Multiple recipients of list WORDS-L 

Just got back from the movie. Woo, that female Borg is one mean bitch.
Missed the first ten minutes--hate it when that happens. Got caught in the
traffic on the bridge coming back from dinner and shopping in Mexico. Man,
that was one stupid move, buying a ticket to the movie then popping over to
Reynosa for Christmas shopping on a Saturday night and thinking I could get
back to the theater on time. Stupid, stupid. Then the yellow low-gas light
on the dashboard began to glow somewhere inside darkest Reynosa. Right in
the middle of I-don't-know-where. We decided to make a run for the border
rather than taint the Accord's tank with Pemex gas. When we hit the bridge
with about five hundred cars and more street vendors, urchins, scam
artists, and beggars with crutches and wheelchairs than I've ever seen
before in my life in front of us, my heart sank. The AAA would not come to
the Mexican side of the bridge if we ran out of gas. It would become a
freaking international incident. The Mexicans would send a wrecker and tow
the Accord to wrecker hell and I would have to pay a couple hundred dollars
in mordida to get it out--more if before morning.

However the gas held all the way through US customs. I felt myself exhale
when we passed the Limite del Pais de Mexico because I knew that the worst
thing that could happen to me on the American side was...uhh...being towed
to American wrecker hell, and uh, arraignment by a night magistrate for
blocking access to an international point of entry...but my ace legal team
would get the charges reduced to failure to pay mordida which I could plead
no contest to with ten hours of community service and a promise to expunge
my record after two years without further run-ins. I wondered if I wouldn't
have been better off letting it run dry on the Mexican side.

So we cleared Customs and decided to make a run for the movies because we
were now really and truly in AAA territory. But fortunately the fumes held
out and we arrived ten minutes late at the movie because they started late
due to the sell-out crowd. We had to sit on the front row and the usher
made about twenty teenagers move over one seat so we could sit together.
The parallax was incredible and our necks are permanently bent but the
crowd was totally into it and that made it pretty much a fun thing.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a lot of action and
adventure and thrilling narrow escapes.