Date:         Sat, 28 Sep 1996 14:44:49 -0400
From: Alyce Cresap 
Subject:      Re: a strange happening
To: Multiple recipients of list WORDS-L 

Picture this. Last night, 11 p.m. A dark night, because despite the
nearly full moon, there are many clouds. A dark, two-lane country road
outside my house. No light except for 60-watt bulb on my porch. My dogs
and I leave the house for our last walk of the night. Suddenly a car
approaches in the lane farthest from me and stops right across from me.
Dogs on the alert. I'm on the alert, and alone. A car door opens. I
think, maybe someone needs directions. I stand, listening, and hear
nothing. I call the dogs to sit at my side. One does, one doesn't, and I
worry about where she is, because it is too dark to see anything. After
about five minutes a car door slams and the car swerves over into the
lane nearest me and then drives away. I worry that someone has gotten
out of the car and is lurking somewhere, so I call the dogs (the missing
one comes) and we go into the more secluded back yard. I'm scared, but
figure that if someone comes I can bolt into the back door (if I've left
it unlocked, but I can't remember if I did). All of a sudden there's a
big noise. Dogs go wild and run back out to the front.
Was it a shot? Not exactly. More like something breaking, but not
exactly like glass. What could it have been? We wait, silently, but no
one appears, so I guess we're OK and the dogs continue their usual
routine. One dog disappears into the darkness again, and when he
reappears from the vicinity of the edge of the road, he has something in
his mouth, totally inside. I can't see what it is, but it's not a bird
nor an animal, which is a relief. We finally go in and the dog puts down
his treasure. It's a 3" pottery bowl, as from a children's set of
dishes. Where did this come from?

Scene shifts to Saturday morning, 7 a.m. Time to take the dogs out for
their morning thing. I look at the road and see really a lot of stuff.
What is it? Can't tell, and don't want to go out there, because I don't
want the dogs near the road. They walk. Finish. I put them inside and go
to inspect this stuff. Here's what I found, covering one whole lane in
width and extending over 15 feet in length:

shards of Corningware casseroles
shards of those old Pyrex mixing bowls that came in blue, red, yellow
and green
shards of a ceramic lamp base
shards of those old yellow crockery mixing bowls
shards of various figurines--a colonial lady, a horse, something with
flowers painted on it
a lot of broken clear glass
a pig figurine missing an ear

I swept it all up, because I need to drive along that patch and don't
want flat tires. It took nearly 20 minutes.

Diagnosis: Some nitwits very carefully arranged all these items
(unbroken) in the center of the lane, so they'd be hit by the next
passing car. Then they swerved into the other lane to avoid hitting
them, themselves. And then a car came and did hit them, scaring me to
death. And I wish I had night vision so I could have seen the license
plate. What dorks!