Date:         Mon, 11 Nov 1996 08:27:00 EST
From: "Hartfield Adam (Lud)" 
Subject:      WHTMIG
To: Multiple recipients of list WORDS-L 

So, yesterday (Sunday) Judith Kocik and myself were going to get together
with Judith Primate and her Paul for lunch before Mama/P and Paul went
contradancing in Greenfield. However, Paul called me at 11 saying Judith
had been felled by an intense headache and unfortunately they wouldn't be
able to make it. I then called Judith K to see if she still wanted to get
together; she did, and I did, so I hopped in the Taurus of Terrific
Transportation and drove up to Greenfield, about a 45-minute drive.

Got to Judith's just fine. I had wanted to check out the Lunt Silver
company's new store and artisan's gallery, so we did. Gorgeous stuff but
way, way too expensive. I love art glass and they had plenty of it. JK
and I were more agog over the beautiful furniture they used to display
their wares than the wares displayed. I would have rather paid $200 for
one of the tables instead of a scarf on the table. We saw the works
soldering some silver stuff together, and in the next room a glass blower
was blowing glass. Even the seconds on the reject table were expensive.
And they were ugly to boot. All olive green and orange stuff. Yuck!

From there we went to High Ledges, a lookout point. There was about a 1/2
mile hike from the parking spot to the ledges through a nice forest.
Being in better shape would have helped, but it was fun and the lookout
was fantastic. We were there for about 10 minutes before we succumbed to
the cold wind and headed back. It was well worth the hike.

After that we went to lunch and had beer and pie, both well-known
restoratives for out-of-shape hikers. We talked about everyone and
everything and had a jolly good time.

By then it was about 3:30 and it was starting to get dark. I brought JK
home and went home myself, thinking that we should do this more often.