Date:         Fri, 27 Nov 1992 23:01:29 EST
Subject:      WHTUILKY

I thought I took notes, but all I find is a crumpled piece of paper with
this cryptic inscription:

    Thai   chicken satay   peanut / hot / curry

and a barbecue-sauce stained menu from some place called the "Silo
Brew Pub"

and a book (Guy Davenport's -Every Force Evolves a Form-)
with a sticker on it reading

    Hawley-Cooke Booksellers   $1.98

(three Pittsburgh-skyline postcards tucked inside)

Such are the souvenirs of my Words-L post-Thanksgiving outing.
Did I mention the strong barley aftertaste?  And, oh yes, the huge
concrete granary right outside the bar -- I'll dream about that monolith
tonight, I'm sure.

Neal and Marty were both there, so the occasion will not go
unmemorialized once they get back to their machines.

Also in attendance:  Rodger Payne and Mark Tucker (STATLG-L); Mary
Rosen (Words-L Auxiliary); Mark Ingram (Gemeinschaft "Freunde der
Worte"); and Kathleen Didn't-Catch-Her-Last-Name-or-Affiliation-But-

Wherever two or three are gathered...