Date: Sat, 21 Oct 1995 15:01:09 -0400
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Subject: The croneSculler medals!
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Yes, folks I came home with a medal from my rowing race. Unfortunately, it was a silver medal and there were only two boats in the race! But the rowing world is a friendly place--they ordered the medals and we can have our second and last place medal as a <lovely> remembrance.

Usually there are five or six mixed doubles but only three entered this year. One of those three did not show up at the start line. So it was just us and a boat from Atlanta. They were twenty years younger than us and this race was not age-handicapped. They went down the three mile course in 19:35 and we made it in 22:09. Clearly, they were the better boat. They moved away from us so quickly that we didn't actually try that hard to stay with them.

It was windy the first mile. There was lots of millfoil (a clogging aquatic weed that grows from the bottom in shallow water) in the last mile so we had to steer wide corners, far from shore.

The race was kind of a disappointment. But we were very glad we had the excellent scrimmage in Oak Ridge Thursday evening with the Oak Ridge high school crews. We did well in that race, beating two fours and a double, finishing close to another four and one other double. Our time then was 19:57 because we really had someone to race with.

So I'm home computing while Clyde is still at the site being a rowing official. He gets to stand on shore about a half mile up from the start and marshal all the boats down to the starting chute. Ralph and I took him a latte around 11:30. He was having a bit of excitement at that point.

The UNC-Wilmington novice men's crew had sheered the fin (metal piece on bottom of boat that keeps the boat running straight) off of their eight-oared shell on a sand bar on the way up to the start lline. They were beached next to Clyde waiting for their coach to come help them. The coach arrived and cut a piece off of Clyde's clipboard to tape onto the boat! It didn't work very well. So the Varsity Coxswain got into the eight and they limped it back down to the lauching area for repair.

It was a nice morning: I have a medal and a Head of the Tennessee hat! Been there, done that, bought the hat.

Now on to the rowing machine (erg) season. I'll train November, December, and January and if training goes well I will compete in Chattanooga on January 27 and possibly win a free plane ticket to Boston for the World Indoor Rowing Championships in Boston in mid-February.

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